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Before and After


Franco Santoriello was a champion bodybuilder in the 1980s and 90s but his drug addiction, which started when his parents divorced, ultimately ended his professional career. After beating big name bodybuilders like Vince Taylor and Eddie Robinson, Franco could have gone on to be Mr. Olympia if he didn't have months-long benders in between competitions. After overdosing on heroin and improbably surviving a widow maker heart attack, he was sentenced to three years in prison for doctor-shopping (receiving the same prescriptions from multiple doctors). In prison, Franco was forced to turn his life around. He regained his physical strength and, by reading The Bible, rebuilt his spiritual strength, as well. Now, almost four years out of prison, Franco is planning a comeback to the fitness world coupled with a physical and spiritual transformation plan aimed at addicts, bodybuilders and inmates.

When to Jump

When to Jump is an inspirational book compiling stories of people who gave up the life they had in order to pursue the life they wanted. Launched in January 2018, I wrote a chapter on my journey to build a foundation for my writing career which included an unexpected but fruitful detour into CRM consulting. 


Night and day

The Life of Anthony Hollie and Lovell Love

Anthony Hollie was a stick-up boy, hitman and heroin addict in Baltimore in the 1970s and 80s. His rap sheet would be pages and pages long except for the fact that his identity was erased when he snitched on some of Baltimore's biggest drug-dealers and entered the Witness Protection program. That's where he became Lovell Love. Lovell Love was a church deacon, school counselor and award winning poet. Those who knew Anthony Hollie, to this day, speak his name cautiously. Those who knew Lovell Love, can't imagine that he would ever have hurt a fly, even though he left a trail of bodies in his past. Hollie became the inspiration for the character Omar Little in the renowned HBO series The Wire. Night and Day is a documentary about this man's life and includes interviews with The Wire co-creator and former Baltimore homicide detective Ed Burns along with other family members, counselors and people effected, both positively and negatively, by his life.

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Some Spoken word





I have come to understand that survival is equal parts maintaining responsibilities and pursuing passion. The pressure of keeping up with necessary tasks, primarily making money to support yourself or your family, often causes us to put the pursuit of passion on the back-burner. I try not to do this but it’s human nature. So for 2019, I’ve created a series of over 200 writing prompts for myself that I’ll engage with and share. Here’s the premise of how it works:

Every prompt has a topic — usually a noun, or very specific action. Then I’ll regularly rotate between what I do with that topic. Sometimes I’ll write a poem, sometimes I’ll tell a story, sometimes it will be a product description, or a page of a screenplay, sometimes a joke.

The goal is to regularly hone skills in each category and keep the firing burning, even when it becomes hard.

I encourage anyone reading this to join me on this journey. You can read the things that I post, or you may decide to take part in writing your own posts. You may not be able to post every day but post when you can and share with #WriteWithKB.



A Window

For years I’ve looked out into the dark forest. I’ve seen it all. Even when my curtains shielded the humans from the outside world, I still saw.

I saw when little Timmy scratched the family car. I saw when he and his mother walked over to the neighbors house to talk about it. I even saw, weeks later, when little Timmy apologized to the neighbor boy for keeping silent when the neighbor boy’s name arose as a suspect. (Continue Reading)


Awaiting a Phone Call

Even though my alarm was set for 8am, I woke up seemingly every 20 minutes panicking that I had overslept. I imagine it all looked like one of those tight shots in horror films where the camera slowly zooms in on someone’s sleeping face and then their eyes suddenly open while a minor cord on a violin crescendos. (Continue Reading)


Riding a Plane - Part 1

She brought a baby on a plane,

And tried to distract with some games,

Even dogs under seats, stayed subdued with some treats,

But the baby still cried with no shame.

Riding a Plane - Part 2

The boy right behind me is strong,

I know ‘cuz he’s kicking my seat,

The flight was already so long,

that now I need dentures for grinding my teeth.

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Content Writing

Mostly ghostwriting opportunities, I also write copy for various company websites, blogs and landing pages.

Content Writing

Mostly ghostwriting opportunities, I also write copy for various company websites, blogs and landing pages.

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