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My Salesforce summary

Three weeks after graduating from Dartmouth in 2011, I started my Salesforce journey by taking an ADM 201 class. In the time since, I’ve worked in just about every capacity in the Salesforce ecosystem, often multiple at one time: administrator, trainer, solutions architect, project manager, trainer, and business analyst. Between working directly for consulting firms, working on projects sourced through other Salesforce firms and working independently as a freelance consultant, I’ve been a part of over 70 Salesforce deployments with 34 different companies.

Working in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning, I have become very comfortable designing solutions, configuring the platform and managing integrations in accordance with the best practices I’ve learned along the way. Whether working solo, or managing a team of on-shore or off-shore consultants, I’ve become an advocate for the agile development process.

I would say that my greatest skill is the ability to quickly understand business processes and effectively translate those into Salesforce solutions that solve them. Having worked in myriad industries, from manufacturing repair to concussion research to motion picture development, my expertise is not in knowing every business model or common industry pain points but rather in being able to quickly diagnose those and design a solution to solve them.


My Clients

My Clients

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My Grads Get Jobs/KP Connect

Krista Parkinson is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, and former talent agency executive with a consulting company, My Grads Get Jobs, designed to help young professionals break into Hollywood. Her Salesforce instance leverages standard Sales Cloud along with a few custom integrations to allow her to track her clients, their resumes and the various talent agencies, production companies and TV shows that she recruits for.

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Renovation Facility Services

Renovation Facility Services is a construction and project management company that does renovations and upgrades of all of your favorite national chain restaurants. Their instance of Salesforce supports the ability to track new prospects, plan construction projects, schedule resources and track billing. Integration with a photo sharing app allow crews to capture and share photos of progress and a custom integration to Quickbooks makes the reconciliation of accounts payable and receivable take minutes instead of hours. They even have processes around their profit margins, ensuring that no projects are quoted that don’t make them money.


ZRS Management

ZRS Management is a property management company that owns and oversees over 100 apartment complexes across six states. Their instance of Salesforce leverages Service Cloud as a help desk for employees to ask questions of, and submit maintenance requests to, headquarters through a Salesforce Community. They also used custom code to automate their regular maintenance schedule. The Community also serves as a place for employees to complete trainings through an LMS integration and access some company documents, as well. Accessible only by headquarters employees, the system also integrates with a project management product from the AppExchange to automate the steps and tasks required for acquiring or selling those properties.

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Manufacturing Repair & Overstock

Manufacturing Repair & Overstock is a repair company that fixes large machinery. Their instance leverages Sales Cloud to manage inbound Leads, price repairs and generate quotes. It uses Service Cloud to receive machinery and track it through the finding and ordering parts, completing the repair and shipping it back. They also have a custom pricing mechanism and process that uses repair cost data to influence sales amounts, maintaining their margins.


Sunnyland Farms

Sunnyland Farms grows all types of nuts, packages them and then sells them in tins and in baked goods. Their instance uses Sales Cloud to process phone orders at the call center in Ohio and mail orders to the farm in Georgia; the integration with their website feeds in web orders as well. Using APEX code, the ordering process mimics their sales call scripts and even alerts agents when products are out of season or cheaper bought in bulk. Their Salesforce system essentially filters all orders and sends vetted data to external shipping system.

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First Class Real Estate

First Class is a residential real estate company in Virginia with multiple branch offices to manage. Their instance of Salesforce integrates with Zillow, and RedFin to capture leads at their properties. Some custom APEX routes the leads to the appropriate branch based on the proximity of the property they were interested in. A Salesforce Community allows employees to view their leads, send questions to headquarters and clock-in after hours. The rules and integrations made it so that agents could call Leads much more quickly, sometimes while they’re still on the website.

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Forte Group

Forte Group is a buying group comprised of other companies interested in either buying or selling bathroom hardware. Their modified Sales Cloud instance tracks and reports out sales and rebates. Their Salesforce Community allows buyers to track their sales within the group and gain access to vendor information.

Goodwill Southern California

Gone are the days of trying to keep that Goodwill receipt from spring cleaning through the next year's tax season. Now, at Goodwill locations in Southern California, attendants are collecting donations on tablets that feed Salesforce. I built custom reports, conducted training and updated the security model so that this technology can be utilized and managed at the over 100 Goodwill stores and donation centers in Southern California.  

Special Olympics New Jersey

Taking the macro lessons learned from Special Olympics World Games, I helped identify and optimize the processes occurring daily on the micro, or local program, level. Replaced disjointed spreadsheet processes with streamlined and automated processes to support sports registrations, young athlete registration, local training program registration, Unified Partner registration and Play Unified grant request tracking.


Clinical Care

The goal of this project was to increase efficiency in the neuroscience clinic. By creating a digital way for patients to indicate their symptoms, doctors can enter the exam room equipped with more of what they need to diagnose more quickly. 

Concussion Baselines

The Steve Tisch UCLA BrainSPORT program is the nation's leader in baseline concussion research. They have devised baseline testing protocol already and this project is to, first, automate the alerts that go to coaches, trainers, parents, etc. when the results of an On-the-field exam after a potential head injury stray too far from that athlete's baseline scores and then, secondly, to package that all up and make it available to other schools, universities or sports teams to use and contribute to. 


Operation Mend

Operation Mend is a charity created between the US Military and UCLA to provide unlimited medical treatment to qualifying veterans with a traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder. 

They fly their patients to UCLA periodically for a three-week treatment on-site. 

While in Los Angeles, they match the patient and their family up with a volunteer family of similar structure or interests to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. They use Salesforce to house the data on both the client and volunteer side. 

This project is to streamline how patients give their volunteer preferences and how volunteer families share information about themselves, and then optimizing the process of matching patients to volunteer families. 

Lionsgate Motion Pictures

Previously, all of Lionsgate motion pictures were tracked in a series of spreadsheets: actors over here; scripts over here; contracts in this spreadsheet; submissions in that database; expenses in that one document that only Accounting can edit, etc. This transformational project, which only took 9 days to architect and configure, combined all of these components into one system complete with automated alerts for all team members making a streamlined process from concept through post-production.

Heal the Bay

The project with Heal the Bay began with an outdated version of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) and several years of disjointed custom development that made it impossible to see data the desired way in Salesforce. First we updated the data model for the current version of the NPSP and then we implemented their membership cultivation strategy as automated emails, alerts or reports. We also integrated Salesforce with Emma email software and Eventbrite and built a custom way to account for direct mail donations. 

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Foster Nation

Foster Nation

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Asset Avenue

Asset Avenue


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Toshiba Business Solutions


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Mannington Flooring